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Welcome to the icon journal of aylajade. I fell out of making icons a few months ago but I recently moved and am bored out of my mind so I'm making them again. Feel free to browse, use, and leave me some love. I'll also make the occasional wallpaper, banner, and even sets. Depends on I feel.

My only rule is that you credit me when I use my own photographs to create the icons, wallpapers, or banners I use them in. If you're going to use an icon that doesn't use one of my personal photographs don't worry about crediting me if you don't feel like it. I would appreciate it if you comment on the post of the graphics you're taking and I don't mind criticism or suggestions. Thank you for visiting.

If you're looking for something specific check out my tags. You can find my resources here and my awards here. Any links leading away from my journal will open in another window unless it's in an LJ tag.

Past versions; I [Envy On The Coast], II [Kill Hannah]

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